Multifunction Button

Multifunction Button



👉 PS-150 Pressure Sensor

👉 Staging / Brake Control Solid State Relay

👉 Sealed Relay Holder

👉 Boost Controller Dual Valve Kit


  • When the ECU reads wheel speed 0 MPH and driveshaft at 0 RPM, the multifunction button will acts as line lock button.
  • When the ECU is in 2-step, the multifunction button will act as the staging button.
  • Under all other conditions, the multifunction button will act as the boost + (scramble) button when using the wastegate boost control feature.

 1. Open the FTMANAGER software, go to inputs and configure your multifunction button and your 2-step button.

2. Next, go to Map Options and enable Brake Line Lock Control, Staging Control and Wastegate Boost Control. 

3. Once you have those selected, click on Brake Line Lock Control under Drag Race Features and select Activation by Multifunction Button

4. Next, go to your outputs and configure your Line Lock Output

5. Once you've done that, click on Wastegate Boost Control under Other Functions and set up your Boost + Scramble Button Increase.

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