FuelTech Powers Andrew Alepa’s 1969 Camaro Street Car!

FuelTech Powers Andrew Alepa’s 1969 Camaro Street Car!

FuelTech’s success on the drag strip is evident by the countless records, championships, and event wins in all genres of the straight-line motorsport. However, the capabilities of the FT600 and FuelTech’s other engine management products go far beyond the fabled 1,320-foot strip of glory. Enter Andrew Alepa’s flawless 1969 Chevy Camaro that is designed for street action while being capable of making jaunts down the drag strip in quick order.

The classic F-body packs a robust 746ci big-block engine that has the all of the options one would want in a high-level street car, like a custom sheetmetal EFI intake and dual throttle body induction system. A FT600 was selected for its abundance of internal features, namely the Pro Nitrous controller for the single stage nitrous system. The FuelTech handles all of the fuel, timing, arming and progressive actions for the Nitrous Express direct port nozzle kit. The FT600 also includes features like Traction Control, Staging control, advanced internal data acquisition, and integrated digital dashboard.

Andrew Alepa’s 1969 Camaro Street Car!

The FT600 offers 68 pins that can be used for 20 sensor inputs and 32 outputs, accelerometer and gyroscope, and 2 CAN networks. The Camaro relies on a three-speed TH400 from M&M Racing Transmissions so the FT600’s GearController function is the perfect solution for Alepa’s street car. The trend in ignition systems has been to move away from traditional distributors and magnetos (in race applications) and rely more on Capacitive Discharge Ignition (CDI) systems. The FTSPARK-8 integrates with the FT600 engine management seamlessly by connecting via a CAN bus connection. Its 600mJ output means it can fire off any amount of fuel and air that are crammed into a combustion chamber.


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